Is this the world's longest lasting LED installation?

Pulsar's ChromaPanels are recording some record figures when it comes to longevity.

Pulsar is claiming a world first after 12 LED panels on the front of their factory building in Cambridge clocked up 13 years of unbroken use.

The panels were installed in 2003 and are still going strong now, prompting Pulsar to claim a second world record for the longest lasting LED installation.

The ChromaPanels have clocked an impressive 13.10 years of continuous activity, which together equates to 100,000 hours, proving, if there was still any doubt, that LEDs offer a long-life to consumers.

Pulsar is a meticulous record keeper and the factory team keeps note of serial numbers and product information dating all the way back to the firm's founding in the 1970s. 

The long-lasting installation at Pulsar's factory HQ is mirrored by a similar customer installation in Bahrain, which is still going strong. 

'Whilst the headline is the longevity of the LEDs, it is the driver components that keep those LEDs operating. Each CS2 has 30 LEDs and more than 40 driver components, which have also operated for 100,000 hours.

A luminaire is only as reliable as its least reliable component, so Pulsar has always taken a systemic approach to product design,' Andrew Hilbert, operations director at Pulsar commented.

This is the second Pulsar instillation to reach 100,000 hours. In May 2005 the company installed ChromaStrip2 products around the entire width of the Pulsar building, an instillation which reach the 100,000 hours milestone in 2014.

'Products can fail due to water ingress, stresses due to thermal cycling, or the premature failure of just one passive component in a driver. The longevity has been achieved through a rigorous design process,' Hilbert concluded.

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Chinese no good. Lite break after few month. Father work factry, Shenzen. 1 yer guarantee, he feel shame bad quality

With no disrespect George, but what proof do you have that it has been lit 24 hours a day since? In a world where the Chinese (despite all the good they have done) have ruined the perception of LED lighting, this is a glorious example of a company using their excellent and expertise to produce quality, long lasting fixtures. I work in lighting and have done for more than 30 years, and I have never seen something so remarkable as this. Well done Pulsar - fabulous achievement.

Longest standing LED sign? My street numbers on my house have been "unbroken" since 1979. Designed with no driver to fail, they keep lighting the number 24 hours a day while being exposed to all elements and temps from -40 to +40. 13 years is nothing to properly designed circuits and quality components.

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