Blinking handbag set to outrage fashionistas

One concrete rule you can live your life by, many say, is that style and technology never mix.

A new technology-infused handbag is set to be unveiled in Italy, which lights up every time the owner receives a text message or a social media alert.

One concrete rule you can live your life by, many say, is that style and technology never mix. Just look at the Apple iwatch, an interesting gadget for sure, but a gadget many style conscious people brand a wrist-toted carbuncle, even though it did feature in a 12-page advert in Vogue.

But that does not mean that daring entrepreneurs will not attempt the impossible anyway. Next week Italian designers Raffaele and Enrico Caroli intend to launch Gianoi, a £495 smart-handbag that you can plug your phone into.

Users will need to download the Gianoi app to get started. It will then connect to the smart-bag via Bluetooth, prompting the gold-plated Gianoi logo to glow every time a text, email, Instagram notification or WhatsApp message is received.

The bag turns yellow for texts, blue for calls and orange for emails thanks to an LED installed in the bag's logo and only stops flashing once the alert has been acknowledged.

Probably more useful to those well aware of the many frailties of the iphone battery, is the bags’s built-in phone charger.

The principle idea behind the bag is to get people to engage more during social occasions, as there will be less need for phone checking because the purse will inform users when they need to look at their phone.

But of course, in the age of the notification, when status updates and retweets come minute by minute, the bag will no doubt be glowing red hot by the end of an evening.

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That is really one of the most ridiculous , shallow , waste of the worlds resources I have ever come across. They should maybe spend their time on something more worthwhile

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