The best of Lighting Spy

Lighting professionals: What you see may upset you. Here’s Lighting Spy’s Top 40 worst crimes, blunders and screw-ups. 

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It's very appropriate that the subtitle says "40 worst" and the URL says "50 worst". :-)

Thank You for a very entertaining collection of interesting pictures. Several were similar to instances that I have had to deal with, so they really got my attention. But you did not get the one from one location that I worked at. A crew installed new LED parking lot light fixtures, evidently assuming that the circuit feeding was 120 VAC. The burned smell persisted for quite a few days as the power that switched on in the evening was 277 VAC. And of course the circuit protection was still in place for the previous sodium vapor light fixtures, meaning the power never did switch off until morning. While the burned smell was very obvious the damage to the fixtures was only apparent upon close examination.

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