31 July

Mainstream OLEDs are just around the bend. Really?

Here we go again: Organic light emitting diodes will soon pour into the mainstream lighting business, and will give 'conventional' LEDs a run for the money by 2016.

29 July

Atlantic City gambles on LEDs to fight crime, slash energy costs

Atlantic City, the New Jersey seaside gambling city with one of the highest crime rates in the U.S., is the latest municipality to switch to LED public lighting, as it gambles that the brighter technology will make its streets safer while also cutting electricity and maintenance bills.

28 July

LEDs on the rise into high ceilings

LEDs will soon literally climb up in the lighting world as they move into high ceiling installations where they'll take over from fluorescents to illuminate warehouses, gymnasiums, cavernous retail stores and the like, all because prices are tumbling.

25 July

Government policies to promote energy efficiency ‘might do more harm than good’

There is great potential for energy efficiency improvements in appliances such as lighting, says a recent research paper. However, government measures to promote the manufacture and purchase of such equipment are often misconceived and counter-productive. 

23 July

Office workers 'want bright light they can control'

Initial findings of research by Zumtobel and the Fraunhofer Institute for Industrial Engineering have shown that office workers like bright light sources they can control, with variable colour temperature output.


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