21 August

South Korea throws a $21 million bone to OLED industry

South Korea, a country known for government-backed technology advances, is putting some new weight behind OLED lighting, launching a $21.5 million fund to help develop the industry over the next five years.

19 August

Lighting up loyalty: 101-year-old man on the job at lamp shop for 73 years

In illumination terminology, you could say that Hy Goldman's job has outlived even the most outlandish claims for LED longevity: Hy has dutifully worked for the same New Jersey lighting shop for 73 years.

19 August

LED streetlights: A capital idea in New Zealand

New Zealand's capital could be the next city in the country to switch to LED streetlights, as the council will soon review plans to refit some 18,000 lamps.

18 August

LED streetlights play digital detective in Denmark

Ask the average person to quickly summarise the benefits of LED lighting, and the answer could well be energy savings. But the digital technology will soon strut its other stuff as it helps detect everything from air pollution to criminal activity in a streetlight experiment near Copenhagen.

15 August

And now, natural light makes nurses laugh

Earlier this week we wrote that office workers confined to spaces away from natural light are tired and weary compared to their colleagues by the window, as a U.S. study observed. 

Now, like the proverbial string of buses, another study has come right along revealing the same general effect and more: People who work near the window laugh more.


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